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Bengkung belly binding is a simple and effective way to help your body heal in the 4th trimester.

Belly binding/wrapping is an indigenous practice that has been used for centuries worldwide. This particular way of binding from the hips up to the top of the ribcage is an ancient technique where a long length of cotton cloth is wrapped around the abdomen to close the body after pregnancy.


Benefits include-


✳️Mama feels held
⭐Pulls separated abdominal muscles back together (diastasis recti)
✳️Provides postural support when breast feeding and also for the torso and organs as they return to their pre-pregnancy position.
⭐Helps to strengthen your core
✳️Keeps the womb and torso warm 

⭐Helps to prevent prolapse

✳️It is comfortably molded to your unique body shape

⭐Supports the pelvic bones as they shift back into place 

✳️Helps prevent and relieve back pain
⭐Supports womb healing and digestion


Hemmed edge, length 18 yards, width 7.5-8 inches

Ideally begin wearing the wrap around 1-3 days after a vaginal birth and around 6 weeks after a cesarean birth. Wear the wrap for 10-12 hours a day for 30-40 days.

100% cotton, African print, postpartum Bengkung belly binding wrap

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