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What is the 4th trimester?

The 4th trimester is a term that describes 0-3 months after the birth of your baby. Most people are not aware that the 4th trimester is just as important as the previous 3 and so most enter this time without proper preparation . During the 4th trimester you need just as much, if not more care as you did when you were pregnant, remember your body is healing and still changing in significant ways.

What exactly does a postnatal / postpartum Doula do?

As a postnatal Doula there will be a myriad of ways in which I will support you, check out my packages plan for a more comprehensive list.

What is the difference between a postnatal / postpartum Doula and a baby nurse? 

Baby nurses provide in-home care for newborns and their primary goal is to take care of the baby's needs. While as a Doula I can provide care for your newborn my main focus is on supporting and nurturing Mothers, so that they can focus' on caring for and getting to know their new baby.

My baby is older than 3 months can you still provide support to me?

The answer is yes! If your baby is 12 months or younger my services are open to you. Feel free to book a free of charge clarity call and we can take it from there. 

I would just like some breastfeeding / breast pumping advice is that ok?

Absolutely! I have many years of breast feeding and pumping for my 2 children and I have received in person training as part of my Doula course. I would be very happy to advise and support you!  

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